Thanks for the hard work at ANOHANAFES!

What a wonderful event it was…

I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up from this dream for a while O(≧≦)O

There’s so much I want to talk about, I wonder where I should begin…

First off, I just want to say how happy I am to have ‘met’ this show.
(this event) made me feel that once again.

My heart is filled with gratitude towards so many people.

The first outdoors event with the rest of the show’s staff together with 5000 fans (including live performances and 200 rounds of fireworks!), my first time in Chichibu, a fully satisfying event that lasted more than 3 hours but was so fun that it seemed to be over in an instant!

There might even be a video version of this event (released)! lol

I’m so happy to see so many people showing their love for AnoHana!

Oh, and it seems AnoHana will be rebroadcast in October☆

So for those who haven’t seen it yet, please do catch the show this time round☆

My first time in Chichibu.

What a wonderful place!
I’m definitely going to come here again sometime☆

For those of you who made it here, I’m sure you may have been surprised by the various events we had lined up for you but regardless, thank you so much!

It may be true for every show too but even if the broadcast is over, (AnoHana) will live on forever.

From now on, please continue to support AnoHana

The Super Peace Busters will always be the best of friends!

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Tomorrow is the day of the Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai aka AnoHana‘s event, the ANOHANAFES!

Oh how I look forward to tomorrow! O(≧▽≦)O

When I first heard about this event I just couldn’t help but get all excited about it♪

After all, it’ll be held in Chichibu, the town that AnoHana was set in!

It’s the town where the Super Peace Busters grew upO(≧∇≦)O!!

And what’s more!

It’s an outdoors stage event we’ll be having with around 5000 of you!

What a wonderful thing…

My first time in Chichibu.

It’s like a dream come true for me to be able to step into the real-life version of the (show’s) setting…

At an event held at the place which served as the settting for a show I so love and treasure, creating memories together with 5000 of you who love the show too.

I’ll do my best to make tomorrow a wonderful day☆

So for all of you who can, please do make a stop by this place that was the setting for the show

The photo today shows character designer Tanaka-san’s one-of-a-kind hand-drawn illustrations!

I received this during an after-party☆

It’s one of my important treasures!

And of course, there are Tsuruko and Poppo versions as well (*^^*)

May there be good weather tomorrow♪

I hope the ‘rain woman’* in me doesn’t make an appearance…

♪Today’s BGM
secret base~Kimi ga Kureta mono 10years after ver.~

*rain woman (雨女) – person who is jinxed to have bad weather follow them wherever they go

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Yesterday was the second day of Athletic Harmonies! It was the Climax Stage this time O(≧▽≦)O

To those who came, did you all have fun?

Since it was our first ever 2-day event, I did have my worries over my physical condition and my throat as well as whether I could keep myself motivated over the 2 days but looking back now that it’s over, what I can say is that “it was fun”.

Still, this live offered me plenty of things to reflect upon and lessons to be learnt.

It seems obvious, but as I’m given opportunities to perform live I always hold the attitude that “it doesn’t matter that I’m not great (at performing); there’s so many people supporting me that I must sing for them, with gratitude” or “I’ll just perform to the best of my current ability!”. With the event this time being held over 2 days, I think it showed me just how numerous the tasks I’ll have to take on ahead of the next live are – much more so than any other live I’ve done before.

Still, I was able to face this live event 100% head on so I have no regrets☆
After all, ‘reflections’ and ‘regrets’ are not the same☆

What’s most important is that it was fun (*^^*)

Things that were only possible to see over a 2-day event; the support from Mina-chan, Ayahi-chan and Aki-chan – these were the things that made this live so wonderful.

Though I had many doubts and worries going into the live, seeing all of you have fun made me feel very happy indeed☆

For the live to turn out to be such a good stage is down to the power you showed (*^^*)♪

And for the 3-year old Sphere, a Sphere that is still just 3 years young – for us to hold a 2-day event at a stage as wonderful as the Yoyogi National First Gymnasium is something I would never even have thought about when we were formed!

But it did happen for real.
This is something I think about all the time but as Sphere’s ‘circle’ widens, it makes me really happy to see so many people come to love the unit named Sphere!

And yes, there were so many announcements made ahead of our next round of activities♪

First of all was the news that Sphere will be singing the opening theme for this autumn’s Shinryaku! Ika-musume anime.

It’s called HIGH POWERED and it’ll go on sale on the 26th of October!

We’ve already debuted the song live☆

Since it will be theme song for such a popular anime, I put my all into singing HIGH POWERED hoping that it will be a song that people will love too☆

And in 2012, the original anime Natsuiro Kiseki which stars all members of Sphere will begin its broadcast!

Normally, the members of Sphere are involved in various (anime) productions on an individual level, but for us to be able to be ‘connected’ to a project in this manner is down to the fact that we’ve been ‘connected’ with so many (other) productions as well as so many people.

For that, I am truly thankful.

On a personal level, my photobook Rainbow Vacation will be released on the 20th of October!

Following on from the photobooks released when I was 19 and 20 years old, this one comes now that I’m 21 so please look forward to seeing a slightly more mature Tomatsu (Haruka) (*^^*)

Adding on to that, it has been confirmed that my recent (solo live tour) Orange☆Road will be getting BD & DVD releases!

It will be released on 22nd February 2012 – Tomatsu Haruka’s 22nd birthday; a date with 6 number 2s in a row!

Look forward to it!

To those who stopped by at Athletic Harmonies, thank you so much!

Treasuring the bonds I formed with you, I will continue to move forward with diligence from now on so I would appreciate your support!


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Dangerous Yay!


Yesterday’s Dangerous Stage is safely over☆

Thanks to all who came!

I’d be incredibly happy if hearing Sphere’s songs gave anybody just that little bit more cheer!

At any rate, the Yoyogi National First Gymnasium is really wide!

Yet, I could still see each one of your faces clearly O(≧▽≦)O

What’s most important it that everyone had a good time☆

Thanks for sharing this fun time together with us☆

And the 17th marked the day our Kotobuki Minako turned 20!

Minako, many congratsss☆

From now on, just be the Minako we know and mature into a lovely woman♪

Since it was the actual day of her birthday yesterday, I handed Minako presents of a homemade whole-cheesecake and an ecobag!

I’m glad that she seemed happy about it☆

Today’s photo shows the costume I wore for my solo part☆

So then, today is Climax Stage!

Gonna do my best today!

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It’s the night before!


Finally, Sphere’s live kicks off tomorrow (*≧m≦*)

I don’t think it’s really sunk in for me yet, but I hope to create fun memories with all of you over these two days (*^^*)

After all, it’s our first time holding a 2-day event (`・ω・)

And oh, news about the goods for sale as well as the food booths are being announced bit by bit!

My personal recommendation this time is the polo shirts♪( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I was able to see the real thing for myself today, and they’re wonderful!

So much so that I’d love to have them in my own wardrobe☆

For students and people who carry a lot of stuff, the bag would be a good option (*^^*)

Our manager has already started using it regularly (`・ω・)

And continuing from the Sphere-shop gyudon, we now have takoyaki!

We’ve all got different sauces and mine is a Japanese-styled wasabi-joyu* flavour☆

Well, it’s just a favourite dipping sauce of mine (^^;)

For those who like wasabi-joyu sauce, please try out my takoyaki♪

So, it’s Dangerous Stage tomorrow!

We can’t exactly make it a truly ‘dangerous’ stage, but let’s put our feelings into it and make it an incredible day!

Starting this week, it’ll be 4 consecutive weeks of events for me so I had my nails done


Everyone, let’s put our all into it

Ready, steady


*wasabi-joyu = wasabi + soya sauce

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Hotaruika is delicious!


The other day, I went to Iki Iki Toyamakan, as recommended by Ayahi☆

The objective was of course, hotaruika!

Since I first sampled it at Minako’s house, I could never forget that tase and finally, I had a chance to buy it for myself

I got both okizuke and shiokara** flavours☆

The photo shows the shiokara one!

The day I bought them I just couldn’t stop eating so there’s not much left now, but I’m trying to eat just 2 pieces a day now(・ω・)← Minako’s advice

Next time I get a chance to go I’d better buy them in bulk (*≧≦*)

Hotaruika is really delicious! I love itttt!!

Oh and by the way, I went to watch Asa-nii aka Asanamu Shintaro’s self-written, self-directed (and he also acts in it) play ‘Ikedaya Check-in’

I won’t mention what it’s about, but it’s an incredibly interesting play!
Personally, I want to see it again!
I feel so glad that I’ve been able to work so many times with an actor who’s able to draw such wonderful stories!

I haven’t had the chance to go see a play for some time, so it’s great that I made so many new discoveries and had such an interesting time

Seeing the story develop right before my eyes, watching it in real time…plays really are something else, aren’t they!

I’ve yet to act in a play myself but I definitely want to try my hand out at it someday! It’s something I think about the more plays I get to see☆

Of course, it’s not just plays but I’d love to be in actual feature films as well as develop my voice acting skills even more.
No matter the genre, I would love to take on all sorts of challenges when it comes to acting (*^^*)

Ahhh, what is this 21-year old university student (until I wrote this, I had actually forgotten I’m still a student lol) acting so conceited…I’ll just try to do my best at my own pace, starting tomorrow (^-^)/

The lives are this weekend aren’t they (・ω・)
I’ll be satisfied if we can create a stage that is fun for all of our supporters (つ´∀`)つ

This time, there’ll be evern more moments to smile and more parts to pay attention to (`・ω・)

Anyway, I’ll do my best

See ya

*hotaruika is firefly squid
**shiokara & okizuke are different ways of pickling the squid – the former salted & fermented with squid innards, the latter by marinating the squid as soon as it’s caught on a fishing boat

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Nyuumen is wonderful.


It’s a ‘slightly hungry’ Tomatsu here☆

But when you feel hungry at this time of the day, what do you choose to eat!

If you don’t eat, it’s impossible to sleep…but if you do, my delicate stomach will be in for a hard time the next day (・ω・)

And just recently, Tomatsu chose to eat nyuumen* at this hour♪

You place your favourite broth in a small pot (for me, I like a sweet katsuo-flavoured broth☆) then put in a large amount of frozen spring onions and any other ingredients you wish (I prefer wheat-gluten bread & kelp flakes) and finally, throw in the soumen – thus, a splendid supper is served up (つ´∀`)つ

A dish that won’t even take 10 minutes to prepare – it’s delicious, really delicious♪lol

And something I’ve discovered lately. Keeping a stock of frozen spring onions is really convenient (`・ω・)

Spring onions – they don’t betray one’s expectations!

Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of nyuumen on late nights☆

It just satisfies you to a point where you don’t get affected too much the next day, I recommend it☆

When I have a bit more time to spare I’ll grate the kelp properly, yeap (`・ω・)

So everyone, when you’re feeling hungry do try making this♪

Only 1 more week to the lives☆

Yeah, looking forward to it!

*nyuumen = soumen (thin noodles made from wheat flour) in broth

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