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KonbanHarukas! I’m late by 1 day but, yesterday was HIGH POWERED‘s release event day☆ Since it was our first cruising event I was really excited about how it would be like, and it turned out to be a really fun … Continue reading

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Thank You☆

KonbanHarukas☆ Today, we took part in the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Revival Festival 2011~For the Children’s Futures~ charity drive. From the viewpoint of someone standing on the sage, it’d bring me joy if our perfomance at the Yoyogi National … Continue reading

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An Important Announcement For All of You

This may come a bit late, but there is something important that I have to say to all of you today. I believe that some of you will have already have read the announcement made by my agency about this, … Continue reading

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Long Time No See

Everyone Good evening (*^^*) And, long time no see! It’s gotten a lot cooler recently, are you all being careful not to catch a cold? As for Tomatsu, I’ve just had a cold (lol) (Saying all that while I myself … Continue reading

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KonbanHarukas♪ The Nekogami Yaoyorozu event was held today O(≧▽≦)O I never expected to get to sing Kamisama to Issho♪ It was fun! I was happy that we were so close to the audience…☆ Thank you so very much!! Please continue … Continue reading

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I made it☆

KonbanHarukas☆ I mentioned on the blog the other day that I wanted to take on the challenge of Chinese cooking and I couldn’t just sit still so I went ahead and did it (´・ω・) Mapo tofu & Chinese-styled harusame* soup♪ … Continue reading

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Finally, Get!

KonbanHarukas☆ It’s cooled down a lot lately, hasn’t it Y’all not getting sick are ya? (´・ω・) It’s nearing the season where it’s easy to catch a cold after all (´-ω-`) (Colds are) the natural enemy of people who use their … Continue reading

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