An Important Announcement For All of You

This may come a bit late, but there is something important that I have to say to all of you today.

I believe that some of you will have already have read the announcement made by my agency about this, but I have (indeed) caused much concern and trouble to all of you who are always supporting me. All of this was due to my own incompetence and for that, I am deeply regretful.

As a seiyuu and a singer – from the time I started working in this industry, all the while attending university as well as in my private time; treating every day with importantce, I have continued to pursue my dreams.

I believe that the fact that I have been able to work in this way; everything in my daily life is only made possible by the support from so many people, those of you who love all the (anime) shows, the other Sphere members who all of you show much warm support to, as well as staff members.

For those of you who came to like me through the anime I’ve been involved in and the songs I’ve sung, for the people who have supported me in my personal life; for getting to know the various different sides of Tomatsu Haruka, receiving your support makes me feel truly joyful and blessed everyday. It is the source of the desire I have to try my best for every tomorrow that comes, and something that I am always & forever full of gratitude for.

All the anime shows and characters I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with all this while are like treasures to me; I will always give my all in (voice) acting no matter the role and when I sing, it’s with the hope in my heart that I can somehow convey that ‘something’ to all of you.

And while living in this world; experiencing and learning different things, desiring to create better shows, chasing the dream with all of you – these feelings will never change.

From now on, for the sake of all of you who support me and without forgetting these feelings of gratitude, I will continue to give my best in my work with the intention of continuing to grow both as an actor and as a person, so please continue to support Tomatsu Haruka.

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