Long Time No See

Good evening (*^^*)

And, long time no see!

It’s gotten a lot cooler recently, are you all being careful not to catch a cold?

As for Tomatsu, I’ve just had a cold (lol)
(Saying all that while I myself have a cold!)

Ah, but I recover quickly so I’m all good and ready to go☆

It’s really easy to catch colds as the seasons change, so don’t let your guard down!

Oh yes – recently, I’m starting to gain an interest in the ecology of cockroaches. lol

Let me just mention this first but, starting with cockroaches – I HATE BUGS!!!!!

So why did I end up being interested in them? The reason is similar to why I developed an interest in sharks at a young age…

Because I’m afraid of them!

If possible, I didn’t want to come across them at all so I thought the best solution would be to look up information on cockroaches (・ω・)

Ah, as for sharks I became traumatized after seeing a movie which is why I started looking sharks up, but the only conclusion from that was that ‘I won’t go into the sea (anymore)’ (lol)

The only one I love, the shark, is there (*^^*)

Jinbei-zame, the shark I love the most in the world, is so huge that they call it the whale-shark☆

It’s a famous shark, so I think many of you will have heard of it?

It may be a shark but it’s very docile and (mostly) feeds on plankton and small fish, and I love its face (lol)

Still, I haven’t really had many chances to see it and my dream wasto be able to see a huge jinbei-zame at the Churaumi Aquarium [note: in Okinawa]…and during the shooting for Rainbow Vacation that dream came true O(≧▽≦)O

I will keep the memory of having seen the jinbei-zame in Churaumi Aquarium in my memory for as long as I live♪

And that Rainbow Vacation will go on sale soon

While there aren’t any shots of myself with the jinbei-zame, it’s got plenty of memorable shots taken in Okinawa with a ‘holiday in the Southern islands’ theme☆

I’ll leave the talk about this for after (the photobook) goes on sale…

For today, I’ll post up a photo taken in Okinawa☆

See ya

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