I made it☆


I mentioned on the blog the other day that I wanted to take on the challenge of Chinese cooking and I couldn’t just sit still so I went ahead and did it (´・ω・)

Mapo tofu & Chinese-styled harusame* soup♪

It was late at night so I whipped up something light & quick ☆

Personally, rather than using xxx-sauce, I prefer to make my own sauces from scratch – and that’s why for the first time, I bought dou ban jiang** & tian mian jiang*** to use in the mapo tofu (*^^*)

I’m not very good with spicy foods so I only put in a li’l bit of the doubanjiang & chilli oil☆

On the other hand I love miso so I dumped in lots of the tian mian jiang♪

I’m really bad at arrangement of food so you probably can’t really tell by looking at the photo but I did put in lots of spring onions, garlic & ginger too!

It’s a stamina-building, sweet mapo tofu♪

As for the taste…both were really delicious O(≧▽≦)O

Ah, cooking sure is fun after all♪

Tomorrow’s the Nekogami event♪

With my new-found stamina, I hope that it’ll be a fun day☆

Let’s have a shan-shan♪time together! lol


*harusame = similar to rice vermicelli
**doubanjiang (豆板醤) = chilli bean paste
***tianmianjiang (甜麺醤) = sweet bean sauce

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