Finally, Get!


It’s cooled down a lot lately, hasn’t it

Y’all not getting sick are ya? (´・ω・)

It’s nearing the season where it’s easy to catch a cold after all (´-ω-`)

(Colds are) the natural enemy of people who use their voice for their work, so (we’ve) gotta take care not to get dehydrated!

Oh yeah, today I finally got my hands on Aki-chan’s Akiyasumi and Minako’s Minakomichi

I’d been looking forward to them for such a long time so I feel very happy (*≧m≦*)

Took my time to look carefully through both of them and they’re just so super cute fufu…♪

Now that our lives are over I’ve had time to settle down a bit and to start polishing my cooking skills, I’ve been thinking of challenging a few new menu items (*´∇`*)

Just the other day, I made Hayashi rice for the first time in 3 years☆

Harukas does prefer Hayashi rice to curry after all ヽ(・∀・)ノ♪

With lots of tomato added, it tasted so good♪

I’ve cooked a lot of Western dishes so next time, I think I’d like to tackle Chinese food….☆

If it goes well, I’ll post the results here♪


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