I’m late by 1 day but, yesterday was HIGH POWERED‘s release event day☆

Since it was our first cruising event I was really excited about how it would be like, and it turned out to be a really fun time!
It’s been a long while since we’ve had such an intimate event so to be able to clearly see all of your smiles and also to feel all of you nearby made me really happy. Even though it was only for a short moment, being able to such a fun time together in this way makes it a truly precious memory to me☆

For those of you who came, thank you very much☆


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Thank You☆


Today, we took part in the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Revival Festival 2011~For the Children’s Futures~ charity drive.
From the viewpoint of someone standing on the sage, it’d bring me joy if our perfomance at the Yoyogi National Stadium Gym #2 lent even the slightest bit of strength to everyone in the disaster-struck areas.

The first time Sphere performed together since September!

Our first live in a while, and I had lots and lots of fun☆
I also greatly enjoyed the other artists’ performances(*^^*)

I look forward to the day that I get to meet all of you again!
Thank you so very much!

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An Important Announcement For All of You

This may come a bit late, but there is something important that I have to say to all of you today.

I believe that some of you will have already have read the announcement made by my agency about this, but I have (indeed) caused much concern and trouble to all of you who are always supporting me. All of this was due to my own incompetence and for that, I am deeply regretful.

As a seiyuu and a singer – from the time I started working in this industry, all the while attending university as well as in my private time; treating every day with importantce, I have continued to pursue my dreams.

I believe that the fact that I have been able to work in this way; everything in my daily life is only made possible by the support from so many people, those of you who love all the (anime) shows, the other Sphere members who all of you show much warm support to, as well as staff members.

For those of you who came to like me through the anime I’ve been involved in and the songs I’ve sung, for the people who have supported me in my personal life; for getting to know the various different sides of Tomatsu Haruka, receiving your support makes me feel truly joyful and blessed everyday. It is the source of the desire I have to try my best for every tomorrow that comes, and something that I am always & forever full of gratitude for.

All the anime shows and characters I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with all this while are like treasures to me; I will always give my all in (voice) acting no matter the role and when I sing, it’s with the hope in my heart that I can somehow convey that ‘something’ to all of you.

And while living in this world; experiencing and learning different things, desiring to create better shows, chasing the dream with all of you – these feelings will never change.

From now on, for the sake of all of you who support me and without forgetting these feelings of gratitude, I will continue to give my best in my work with the intention of continuing to grow both as an actor and as a person, so please continue to support Tomatsu Haruka.

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Long Time No See

Good evening (*^^*)

And, long time no see!

It’s gotten a lot cooler recently, are you all being careful not to catch a cold?

As for Tomatsu, I’ve just had a cold (lol)
(Saying all that while I myself have a cold!)

Ah, but I recover quickly so I’m all good and ready to go☆

It’s really easy to catch colds as the seasons change, so don’t let your guard down!

Oh yes – recently, I’m starting to gain an interest in the ecology of cockroaches. lol

Let me just mention this first but, starting with cockroaches – I HATE BUGS!!!!!

So why did I end up being interested in them? The reason is similar to why I developed an interest in sharks at a young age…

Because I’m afraid of them!

If possible, I didn’t want to come across them at all so I thought the best solution would be to look up information on cockroaches (・ω・)

Ah, as for sharks I became traumatized after seeing a movie which is why I started looking sharks up, but the only conclusion from that was that ‘I won’t go into the sea (anymore)’ (lol)

The only one I love, the shark, is there (*^^*)

Jinbei-zame, the shark I love the most in the world, is so huge that they call it the whale-shark☆

It’s a famous shark, so I think many of you will have heard of it?

It may be a shark but it’s very docile and (mostly) feeds on plankton and small fish, and I love its face (lol)

Still, I haven’t really had many chances to see it and my dream wasto be able to see a huge jinbei-zame at the Churaumi Aquarium [note: in Okinawa]…and during the shooting for Rainbow Vacation that dream came true O(≧▽≦)O

I will keep the memory of having seen the jinbei-zame in Churaumi Aquarium in my memory for as long as I live♪

And that Rainbow Vacation will go on sale soon

While there aren’t any shots of myself with the jinbei-zame, it’s got plenty of memorable shots taken in Okinawa with a ‘holiday in the Southern islands’ theme☆

I’ll leave the talk about this for after (the photobook) goes on sale…

For today, I’ll post up a photo taken in Okinawa☆

See ya

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The Nekogami Yaoyorozu event was held today O(≧▽≦)O

I never expected to get to sing Kamisama to Issho

It was fun!

I was happy that we were so close to the audience…☆

Thank you so very much!!

Please continue to support Nekogami Yaoyorozu from now on too!

I feel really sleepy now so I’ll just pop into the shower and then go straight to bed (´-ω-`)

Sphere Club will be airing in Tokyo tonight but it looks like I won’t get to see it in real time again (´Д`)


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I made it☆


I mentioned on the blog the other day that I wanted to take on the challenge of Chinese cooking and I couldn’t just sit still so I went ahead and did it (´・ω・)

Mapo tofu & Chinese-styled harusame* soup♪

It was late at night so I whipped up something light & quick ☆

Personally, rather than using xxx-sauce, I prefer to make my own sauces from scratch – and that’s why for the first time, I bought dou ban jiang** & tian mian jiang*** to use in the mapo tofu (*^^*)

I’m not very good with spicy foods so I only put in a li’l bit of the doubanjiang & chilli oil☆

On the other hand I love miso so I dumped in lots of the tian mian jiang♪

I’m really bad at arrangement of food so you probably can’t really tell by looking at the photo but I did put in lots of spring onions, garlic & ginger too!

It’s a stamina-building, sweet mapo tofu♪

As for the taste…both were really delicious O(≧▽≦)O

Ah, cooking sure is fun after all♪

Tomorrow’s the Nekogami event♪

With my new-found stamina, I hope that it’ll be a fun day☆

Let’s have a shan-shan♪time together! lol


*harusame = similar to rice vermicelli
**doubanjiang (豆板醤) = chilli bean paste
***tianmianjiang (甜麺醤) = sweet bean sauce

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Finally, Get!


It’s cooled down a lot lately, hasn’t it

Y’all not getting sick are ya? (´・ω・)

It’s nearing the season where it’s easy to catch a cold after all (´-ω-`)

(Colds are) the natural enemy of people who use their voice for their work, so (we’ve) gotta take care not to get dehydrated!

Oh yeah, today I finally got my hands on Aki-chan’s Akiyasumi and Minako’s Minakomichi

I’d been looking forward to them for such a long time so I feel very happy (*≧m≦*)

Took my time to look carefully through both of them and they’re just so super cute fufu…♪

Now that our lives are over I’ve had time to settle down a bit and to start polishing my cooking skills, I’ve been thinking of challenging a few new menu items (*´∇`*)

Just the other day, I made Hayashi rice for the first time in 3 years☆

Harukas does prefer Hayashi rice to curry after all ヽ(・∀・)ノ♪

With lots of tomato added, it tasted so good♪

I’ve cooked a lot of Western dishes so next time, I think I’d like to tackle Chinese food….☆

If it goes well, I’ll post the results here♪


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